Cold mills

Cold mills

Thickness measurement for control and quality inspection is at many positions and so is an important element in the process landscape of cold rolling mills. Common places of application for systems detecting the center thickness or the cross profile are tandem lines and film stands.

Based on confocal sensor technology or laser line triangulation, Micro-Epsilon offers high-precision thickness measuring systems with the thicknessCONTROL MTS 8201/8202 series, which operate with high precision in the submicrometer range.



  1. Flexible portfolio with O- and C-frames
  2. O-frames for large widths with patented temperature compensation
  3. High traversing speeds up to 64 m/min for dynamic cross profile measurement
  4. Confocal technology with accuracies up to ±0.3 µm
  5. Material / alloy independent calibration and measurement
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Measurement of inner and total thickness of checker plate with thicknessCONTROL MTS 8202.LLT C-frame systems

One application that can only be solved with laser line technology is the measurement of the inner and total thickness of checker plate. Since the laser line covers a significant portion of the pattern, its maximum and minimum can be reliably detected. In addition, the variants of the thicknessCONTROL MTS 8201/8202 series, in which laser line technology is used, demonstrate their advantages especially under the harshest environmental conditions:

  • Reliable measurement despite steam and emulsion, additional air purge can be integrated
  • Precise with a wide range of surface conditions
  • Large measuring range of 60 mm with high precision +/-2 µm
  • Calibration within seconds, integrated calibration to compensate for thermal effects
  • Material widths up to 2500 mm with C-frame and 3000 mm with O-frame