thermoIMAGER accessories

Universal cooling housing for infrared cameras up to 315°C

Accessories for thermal imaging cameras

Micro-Epsilon offers suitable accessories for TIM infrared cameras in order to expand their functionality and application possibilities. Interfaces, PCs, interchangeable lenses and protective housings allow for the thermal imaging camera to be adapted to the respective measurement task.

The industrial process interface (PIF) enables automated process monitoring where the hardware of the TIM infrared cameras with all cable connections and the TIM Connect software are continuously monitored.


  1. Industrial process interface with 3 analog / alarm outputs, 2 analog inputs, 1 digital input, 3 alarm relays

  2. 500 V AC RMS galvanic isolation between TIM camera and process

  3. Separate fail-safe relay output

  4. TIM hardware with all cable connections and the TIMConnect software are permanently monitored during operation

TIM NetPCQ is a professional, embedded industrial PC solution with passive cooling (fanless) for thermoIMAGER applications and is suitable for top hat rail mounting. The NetPCQ and the TIM camera can be operated in combination as a standalone system. Remote maintenance via Ethernet is possible. Data provided by the TIM camera can be stored directly on the NetPCQ where customer-specific software can also be installed. A recovery-stick is included in the scope of delivery.


  1. Supports all thermoIMAGER TIM models

  2. Supports 120 Hz (TIM 160), up to 80 Hz (TIM QVGA), up to 32 Hz (TIM VGA) frame rates

  3. TIMConnect software included

  4. Monitor via VGA (analog)

  5. Integrated watchdog feature

  6. Optional: up to 20 m USB cable, high temperature USB cable, extendable up to 100 m Ethernet cable

The NetBox is a miniature PC for TIM thermal imaging cameras which enables standalone operation of the camera or operates as USB/Ethernet converter. Therefore, larger distances between the process (thermal imaging camera) and process monitoring (PC) are possible.


  1. Can be integrated into CoolingJacket Advanced Extended

  2. Miniature PC for alle TIM models for standalone mode for cable extension

  3. Supports 120Hz (TIM 160) up to 80 Hz (TIM QVGA) frame rate, 32Hz (TIM VGA)

  4. Integrated hardware and software watchdog

  5. Optional: up to 20m USB cable, high temperature USB cable, extendable up to 100m Ethernet cable (PoE)

These cooling jackets protect the infrared cameras in hot environments up to 315 °C. Optional cooling is possible with either air or water which enables precise measurement results up to 100 °C (air cooling) or 315 °C (water cooling). Furthermore, additional components such as the NetBox, USB Server Gigabit and Industrial Process Interfaces (PIF) can be integrated in the "Extended" version.


  1. Ambient operating temperatures up to 315 °C

  2. Air/Water cooling with integrated air purging and optional protective windows

  3. Modular design for easy fitting of different devices and lenses

  4. Easy sensor removal on site due to quick-release chassis

  5. Integration of additional components such as the TIM NetBox, USB Server Gigabit and Industrial Process Interface (PIF) can be integrated in the "Extended" version.

The universal outdoor protection housing with air purge collar enables continuous operation of the TIM infrared cameras in dusty and humid environments. The PTC heating element and a built-in fan for homogeneous temperature distribution make it possible to use the camera with protection housing in very low very temperatures down to -40 °C.


  1. Protection class IP66

  2. Installation of USB Server Gigabit possible for integration into control systems over large outdoor distances

The USB Server Gigabit is a USB Ethernet adapter for connecting thermoIMAGER thermal imaging cameras. The server supports all USB modes and guarantees safe and reliable operation in industrial networks.

The USB Server enables bridge distances of more than 20 meters between the PC and the infrared measurement system. This compact server converts from USB to Ethernet and therefore provides simplified integration into networks. The compact design allows for DIN rail mounting.


  1. Easy cable arrangements and commissioning due to PoE and web interface

  2. Remote access to thermal imaging cameras or video pyrometers

  3. Two independent USB ports (fully USB 2.0 compatible, supports all USB transfer modes)

  4. Power via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or external voltage supply

  5. Web interface for set up and configuration

  6. Full TCP/IP support incl. routing and DNS

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