optoNCDT ILR 103x/LC1

Laser distance sensors for precise distance and position measurements up to 50m

Compact and reliable laser distance sensor

Laser distance sensors optoNCDT ILR103x/LC1 are designed for fast displacement measurement between 0.2 and 15m or rather up to 50m with reflector. The fast response time of 10ms is typical for this series. With buttons at the quite small housing a Teach-In or the assignment of switching points can be done quickly. Tasks of this sensors are fill level measurement, positioning or length measurements.



  1. Measuring range without reflector (m) 15
  2. Measuring range with reflector (m) 50
  3. Linearity ±25mm
  4. Resolution 1mm
  5. Response time 10ms
  6. Low price segment
  7. Insensitive to external light influences
  8. Reliable measurement due to Time-of-Flight principle
  9. Compact plastic housing
  10. Easy adjustment to the target
  11. Precise measurement on different surfaces
  12. Laser class 1
  13. IP67
Jonas von Stockhausen
Elise Bosch
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Harald Weiler
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