Laser distance sensors for extra long ranges


Laser distance sensors are designed for non-contact distance measurements: laser gauges for measuring ranges up to 10m, laser distance sensors for up to 3,000m. These sensors are used for positioning and type classification in machine building and handling equipment.

  • Precise measurement of displacement, distance & position on different surfaces
  • Large gauging and measuring range for both indoor and outdoor use
  • High repeatability
  • Fast response time
  • Extremely compact size without external controller
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Open interfaces (SSI-compatible, RS422, RS232, Profibus)

Reliable measurement for distances up to 3000m

The optoNCDT ILR laser distance sensors use the laser time-of-flight principle and measure within the range 0.5 to 3000m. The sensors are designed for use with with or without reflector film, which is used depending on the measurement distance and ambient conditions.

Compact and robust design for indoor and outdoor use

Laser distance sensors provide reliable results even under harsh conditions. Their robust design protects the optoNCDT ILR models from dust and splashing water. Models with integrated heating and increased protection class are available, particularly for outdoor use.


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