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Precise notch detection on glass wafers

The manufacture of high-quality semiconductor chips requires precise alignment and positioning techniques during the production of glass wafers. A crucial step here is notch detection, in which the positions of the notches on the wafer are detected precisely. These notches serve as reference points for subsequent machining and handling steps. 

optoCONTROL CLS1000 fiber optic sensors are used for precise notch detection. These ultra-modern sensors detect the exact position of the notches on the glass wafer and thus allow for extremely precise alignment. The CLS1000 sensors stand out here thanks to their high resolution and accuracy during position and distance measurements. In addition, they are distinguished by their compact design, simple integration and high reliability. Thanks to their performance, they are a vital tool in the manufacture of semiconductor chips on glass wafers.

Advantages at a glance

  • High resolution and accuracy for precise position detection
  • Fast reaction time of up to 10 kHz and a response time of 100 µs
  • Simple integration even in existing systems
  • Vacuum-compatible sensor heads