Rail measurement in high speed grinding

The Vossloh company is a global leader in the field of rail technology. One of its business units focuses on maintaining the value of the infrastructure, which also includes the maintenance of rails. For this purpose, Vossloh uses, among other things, its high-speed grinding process, in which rails are ground at high speed. Precise measurement of the profiles is of great importance during the process. For these measurements, Vossloh relies on the support of sensors from Micro-Epsilon. For the measurement task, path-dependent recording with several sensors is necessary. With this technology, the Micro-Epsilon sensors scanCONTROL LLT2900 and optoNCDT ILD2300 are integrated into the grinding trains as on-board measurement technology. These high-speed grinding trains work at speeds of up to 80 km / h. Meanwhile, the sensors measure the rail cross and longitudinal profiles, groove geometry and track width.

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