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Technische Rundschau | 01/2017 | Binkert Medien AG
inspect | 2/2016 | WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA

Advances in eddy current sensor technology are streamlining production, improving performance and increasing the amount of availible customization.

Engine Technology Magazine | January 2015 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd

Blue-violet laser light is resistant to much of the infrared interference that plagues red laser measuring techniques, and can play a vital role in observing displacement in engine design.

Engine Technology Magazine | September 2014 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd

Modern production processes are becoming increasingly complex and high speed. Low raw material input should contribute to resource and energy conservation. In order to meet the needs of machine building and automation tasks, sensors are becoming smaller and smaller, while also gaining integration capabilities.

Automation Technologies | 5/2014 | Vereinigte Fachverlage

As well as the miniaturization and increasing functionality of non-contact displacement sensors based on electromagnetic measuring principles, smooth process integration is also a decisive factor in highly automated industrial production environments. Integrated sensors control the quality not only of the finished product but also the optimization of production processes.

E+E International | 4/2014 | publish industry

At the ALUMINIUM 2014 in Düsseldorf, Micro-Epsilon will present a measurement system that detects the thickness of metal sheet processed in a hot rolling mill, regardless of the alloy.

International ALUMINIUM Journal | 10/2014 | Giesel Verlag GmbH

Infrared thermometers, rather than having to come into contact with a body to determine its temperature, do so by measuring radiated energy. Fast and reliable temperature measurements of moving, very hot or difficult-to-access objects are thereby made possible. The use of infrared sensors is also possible for very high temperatures, where a contact sensor or contact probe would be destroyed or would have a very short service life.

Engine Technology Magazine | 6/2014 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd

In the highly automated vehicle production industry, measurement technology in robots and processing lines is helping to ensure high-quality, precise, safe and reliable operations

Engine Technology Magazine | March 2014 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd

The turboSPEED DZ140 speed sensor is the fourth and latest generation of revolution-counting sensors for turbochargers manufactured by Micro-Epsilon. The high-tech measuring system reaches maximum interference immunity in harsh test bench conditions and in road tests. The built-in temperature measurement also offers the opportunity for a true ambient temperature measurement of the sensor, while a new electronic circuit boosts signal levels from the sensor and also dramatically improves circuit shielding to give the sensor EMC levels of immunity that are several factors higher than existing devices in the marketplace.

Engine Technology Magazine | January 2014 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd.

offering extreme resolution and high measuring rates, laser triangulation sensors accurately measure displacement, position and vibrations on an engine manifold, powertrain or car body

Engine Technology Magazine | Sept 2013 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd.

the very small diameter of all-new sensor models enables the technology to be mounted simply on the turbocharger for monitoring

Engine Technology Magazine | June 2013 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd.

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