Detection of color

Every visible body emits light, which is why color can be used to evaluate objects in automation technology. Sensors sort products by color, inspect incoming goods, detect color and print marks, control LED intensity and color, and much more.

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In-line detection of protective film on PVC window frames

Company „Schüco“ manufactures PVC window frames. The PVC profiles are provided with a protective film after they are extruded. This film protects the frames from scratches and dirt. The colorCONTROL ...

Color detection of kitchen fronts

Kitchens are available in many different colors. In order to guarantee that the customer receives the desired color, the colorSENSOR OT-3-MA-30-16 inspects the color of the kitchen fronts in the painting ...

Color recognition for seams in automotive interiors

A well-known German car manufacturer relies on poka-yoke mechanisms for assembling interior components. The poka-yoke process prevents product defects due to random human errors and ensures that all parts ...

Color measurement of the floorboards

Plastic floorboards are made of colored granules and shaped by deep-drawing. After the production process, it must be guaranteed that the color of the floorboards is homogenous and that there are no color ...

Color measurement of tablets in pharmaceutical production

In pharmaceutical tablet production different ingredients are used. Changing the concentration of these ingredients affects the color of the tablet. The color gradient varies from white and beige to yellow.

Color comparison between parking sensor and body shell

Car attachments such as parking sensors are painted separately. However, during assembly there must be no difference in color between the parking sensor and the bumper, which means the two colors must ...

Measurement of the zinc strip color in the production plant

In the production of high-quality material strips and boards made out of titanium zinc, the surfaces receive specific treatment. Therefore, the coloring of the zinc products is already determined during ...

Damage prevention during production of locking cylinder

The company Aumat (Germany) develops and produces complex production systems for locking cylinders. In order to prevent any damage occurring, the operator must feed the correct blank into the production ...

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