Microwave sensor for coating thickness measurement


The ISC and FSC handheld gauges are used for high-precision coating thickness measurement on CFRP, CFRP with lightning protection as well as on metals. The powerful controller and robust sensor enable precise, fast and easy thickness measurements at the touch of a button. The measurement is residue-free, without coupling medium and without pre-/post-processing.

The devices measure the thinnest substrates from 1 µm from and are used from process control to final quality inspection. The total thickness of insulating layers up to 1000 µm is determined based on microwave technology. In addition to the measurement display, the devices offer statistical functions, storage options with USB data export, individual calibration possibilities and configurable, dynamic tilt prevention.

  • Determination of the total thickness of insulating layers up to 1000 µm
  • No minimum layer thickness required
  • Precise, fast and easy measurement at the touch of a button
  • Resolution 1 µm
  • Non-destructive and residue-free measurement without coupling medium or pre-/post-processing

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