New class: Most compact confocal controller
for industrial series applications

confocalDT IFD2411

punkt-schwarz Compact controller for precise distance
& thickness measurements
punkt-schwarz Ideal for integration into control cabinets
punkt-schwarz High resolution & measuring rate
punkt-schwarz Intuitive operation via web interface

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NEW: Next-generation confocal sensors
for series integration

confocalDT IFD2410 | IFD2415

punkt-schwarz Distance, thickness & multilayer measurement
with integrated controller & Industrial Ethernet
punkt-schwarz High resolution & measuring rate up to 25 kHz
punkt-schwarz Easy integration as no optical fiber is required
punkt-schwarz All-in-one: sensor & controller in one compact housing

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NEW: Robust laser distance sensors
designed for outdoor use

optoNCDT ILR1171

punkt-schwarz Measuring range up to 270 m
punkt-schwarz High measuring rate of 40 kHz
punkt-schwarz Robust industrial design with protection class IP67
punkt-schwarz Stable & precise results even in fog and rain

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