NEW: Capacitive high temperature sensors
for extreme operating temperatures from -50 °C up to +800 °C


punkt-schwarz High temperature stability over the
entire temperature range
punkt-schwarz Large measuring range up to 20 mm
punkt-schwarz Exceptionally high linearity within the
temperature range

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High Precision True Color Controller
for high performance color measurements

colorSENSOR CFO200

punkt-schwarz Color sensor systems for machine building
& automation
punkt-schwarz High measurement speed up to 30 kHz
for dynamic processes
punkt-schwarz Color memory: 320 colors in 254 color groups
punkt-schwarz Small fiber optic sensors for restricted
installation spaces

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Infrared pyrometers and thermal imagers
for paper industry

thermoMETER | thermoIMAGER TIM

punkt-schwarz Fast and non-contact temperature measurement
punkt-schwarz For the manufacture of paper products,
particularly in the areas of coating & drying
punkt-schwarz Temperature ranges from -50 °C to 1900 °C
punkt-schwarz Robust, wear-free and reliable

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