Draw-wire displacement sensors in stock
for miscellaneous measurement tasks


punkt-schwarz Robust draw-wire sensors for displacement,
length & position of 50 mm up to 50 m
punkt-schwarz Ideal for customized OEM series
punkt-schwarz For indoor and outdoor use
punkt-schwarz In stock with short delivery times

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NEW: Laser Displacement Sensors
for Advanced Automation

optoNCDT 1900

punkt-schwarz Now with integrated Industrial Ethernet interface
punkt-schwarz Unique combination of size, speed & accuracy
punkt-schwarz Ideal for high resolution & dynamic measurements
punkt-schwarz Advanced Surface Compensation for high speed
measurements on changing surfaces

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High-precision white light interferometers
for non-contact distance & thickness measurements


punkt-schwarz Absolute distance measurements with maximum precision < 30 picometers
punkt-schwarz Precise thickness measurements independent
of the distance from the sensor
punkt-schwarz Multi-peak distance measurement & multi-layer thickness measurement
punkt-schwarz Unmatched precision for industrial applications

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