Compact laser triangulation sensors
Now even more versatile

optoNCDT 1420LL

punkt-schwarz Laser sensor with special lens with oval light spot
(short laser line)
punkt-schwarz Best performance on shiny metallic, rough &
structured surfaces
punkt-schwarz Advanced Surface Compensation for high speed
measurements on changing surfaces
punkt-schwarz Compact size with integrated electronics

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Efficient multiple testing of LEDs on electronic assemblies
LED tests of function, color and intensity


punkt-schwarz Multi-channel color recognition system
punkt-schwarz 7 measurement channels
punkt-schwarz Repeatability: xy < ± 0.000025
punkt-schwarz High measuring rate up to 100 Hz

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Thermal imaging cameras monitor the initial charge in battery production


punkt-schwarz Thermal imaging cameras monitor critical processes such as the first charging & discharging of battery cells
punkt-schwarz Cameras provide an insight into the temperature distribution & possible short circuits
punkt-schwarz Used for early fire detection
punkt-schwarz Hot-spot detection feature automatically recognizes & outputs deviations from the target temperature

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