New: High-performance laser scanner
For fast high-precision 2D/3D profile measurements

scanCONTROL 30xx

punkt-schwarz High resolution in x- and z-axis
punkt-schwarz Profile frequency up to 10 kHz for monitoring
of dynamic processes
punkt-schwarz Innovative exposure control for difficult surfaces
punkt-schwarz Available with patented Blue Laser Technology

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New: Laser scanner for industrial series applications
Compact and low cost model

scanCONTROL 25xx

punkt-schwarz Ideal for industrial series applications
in production & automation
punkt-schwarz Resolution (x-axis) up to 640 points
punkt-schwarz Reference resolution z-axis from 2 μm
punkt-schwarz High signal stability

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Software for configuration and evaluation
Offers easy solution of multiple measurement tasks

Configuration Tools / 3D-View

punkt-schwarz Configuration Tools:
Easy programming of laser profile scanners
punkt-schwarz 3D-View:
Interactive 3D visualization software

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