New: Compact confocal chromatic sensor
for high precision applications for tight installation space

confocalDT IFS2404-2

punkt-schwarz Miniature sensor design ø12 mm
punkt-schwarz Submicrometer resolution
punkt-schwarz Measuring range 2 mm
punkt-schwarz Very small spot size

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New: Highest precision confocal sensor
for distance, roughness and thickness measurements

confocalDT IFS2407-0,1

punkt-schwarz Extremely small spot size 3 µm
punkt-schwarz Resolution 3 nanometer
punkt-schwarz Thickness measurement of 5 µm
transparent targets
punkt-schwarz Ideal for clear coating thickness

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New: Confocal displacement sensor
for extremely precise applications with larger range

confocalDT IFS2405-6

punkt-schwarz Measuring range 6 mm
punkt-schwarz Large offset distances with
submicrometer resolution
punkt-schwarz Thickness and distance measurement
punkt-schwarz Large tilt angle

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