New: Capacitive measuring system
For industrial applications

capaNCDT 61x0/IP

punkt-schwarz Controller for harsh environments
punkt-schwarz 4 ... 20 mA or digital RS485 interface
punkt-schwarz Dust-proof and water tight housing (IP68)
punkt-schwarz Robust and temperature-resistant sensor cable

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New: Capacitive mobile measurement
Handheld with high precision

capaNCDT MD6-22

punkt-schwarz Compact measuring system
punkt-schwarz Handheld and easy to use
punkt-schwarz For conductive measurement objects
punkt-schwarz Large sensor portfolio

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Capacitive sensor in extreme environment
Stable measurements for cryogenic applications

capaNCDT CSHxx(20)

punkt-schwarz Temperature stability 5 ppm
punkt-schwarz Temperatures down to -270 °C
punkt-schwarz Extreme Long-term stability

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