Visit us: Photonics West
5 – 7 February 2019 San Francisco, USA

Visit our booth at the Photonics West, the leading global event for the photonics and laser industries. Get the latest technology news about non-contact measurement sensors for high precision measurements.  

Booth 4545-41

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Free Download: Semiconductor Application Booklet
Sensor applications for the semiconductor industry

  • Maximum precision: application examples for wafer processing machines and lithography
  • Quality inspection on wafer
  • Includes examples of non-contact capacitive, eddy-current, confocal-chromatic and laser-triangulaton sensors

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Application office in California
Local support for test measurements, evaluations and demonstration

  • Evaluation of your targets with high precision sensors
  • XY Measuring table for nano-precision evaluation
  • Adaptable to confocal-chromatic, laser triangulation, inductive (eddy-current) and capacitive sensor technology
  • Arrange a presentation now!

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