New: Compact True Color Sensor
For any industrial measurement application

colorSENSOR CFO100/200

punkt-schwarz High accuracy ΔE ≤ 0.3
punkt-schwarz Precise and high speed measurements 
punkt-schwarz Easy handling and configuration
punkt-schwarz Standard and Custom optical fibers

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New: High-performance inductive displacement measuring system
Industrial robust system design with eddy current technology

eddyNCDT 3060

punkt-schwarz Wide range of applications with more than 400 sensor models
punkt-schwarz Resolution, linearity and temperature stability define new standards
punkt-schwarz Ideal for harsh environment
punkt-schwarz Easy set up with modern fieldbus and smart signal processing

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New: Universal laser sensor for industrial applications
Powerful laser sensors sets new performance standard

optoNCDT 1750

punkt-schwarz Measuring ranges: 2mm - 750mm
punkt-schwarz For precise and high speed measurements
punkt-schwarz Compact sensor design with integrated controller
punkt-schwarz Unique ease of use via web browser

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