NEW: Magneto-inductive M12 sensors
For long ranges at high temperatures

mainSENSOR MDS-35-M12-HT

punkt-schwarz High temperature stability up to 120°C
punkt-schwarz For harsh, industrial environments
punkt-schwarz Pressure-resistant, stainless steel housing
punkt-schwarz For restricted installation spaces

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NEW: Spindle Growth System
Measuring the thermal extension in spindles

eddyNCDT SGS4701

punkt-schwarz High resolution with economic design
punkt-schwarz Non-contact and wear-free measurement
punkt-schwarz Suitable for ferro- and non-ferromagnetic materials
punkt-schwarz Extreme temperature stability

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NEW: Compact Eddy current measurement system
Ideal for factory and machine integration

eddyNCDT 3005

punkt-schwarz Robust and compact design to IP67
punkt-schwarz Immune to oil, pressure and dirt
punkt-schwarz High precision measurement accuracy
punkt-schwarz Easy to use

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