NEW: Capacitive sensors with threaded housing
For easy mounting and positioning

punkt-schwarz 4 different measurement ranges
punkt-schwarz Nanometer resolution
punkt-schwarz Tri- Electrode design
punkt-schwarz Extreme temperature stability

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NEW: Compact single/dual channel confocal controller
The new industry standard for confocal measurement

confocalDT IFC2421/22
punkt-schwarz Easy configuration via web interface
punkt-schwarz Thickness calibration for transparent objects
punkt-schwarz Synchronous 2-channel measurement
punkt-schwarz Replaceable light source

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NEW: Non-contact thickness measurement
One-sided thickness measurement of insulator materials

combiSENSOR KSS64x0
punkt-schwarz Concentric one-sided thickness measurement
punkt-schwarz Material thickness: 40μm to 6mm
punkt-schwarz Integrated temperature measurement
punkt-schwarz Eddy and capa technology In single sensor probe

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