NEW: Universal laser displacement sensor
For precise and fast displacement measurements in industry and automation

optoNCDT 1750
punkt-schwarz Adjustable measuring rate up to 7500Hz
punkt-schwarz Intelligent data processing
punkt-schwarz Web interface
punkt-schwarz Compact size with integrated controller

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NEW: Compact eddy current sensor
The alternative to inductive sensors with true measurement

eddyNCDT 3001-U6 / 3001-U8
punkt-schwarz Compact M18 sensor design with
integrated controller
punkt-schwarz Bandwidth of 5000Hz
punkt-schwarz Excellent linearity and stability
punkt-schwarz Ideal for preventive maintenance

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NEW: Robust draw-wire sensor
Long life time due non-contact potentiometer - ideal for OEM & integration

punkt-schwarz Non-contact potentiometer
punkt-schwarz Length & position measurement
up to 2000mm
punkt-schwarz Compact and robust sensor design
punkt-schwarz High accuracy

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