Thickness and profile measurement
Inline and offline profilometer for strip thickness measurement

Thickness profile measurement in

- Tire installations
- Extruder lines
- Rollerhead installations
- Calenders
- Doubling installations

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Tire geometry inspection system
Measuring system for tire geometry inspection

Thickness tire geometry measurement in

- TU machines for passenger car tires
- TU machines for truck tires
- TU machines for commercial vehicles tires
- Tire width from 100 to 460mm
- Resolution 640 points/profile
- Measuring time 1s / 60 tires/min

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DOT code reading
Systems for DOT code reading and character recognition

Identification of

- tire, manufacturer, tire type
- DOT code on the tire sidewall using
- optical character recognition (OCR)
- measurement of size and rotation

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Temperature measurement
IR cameras and IR pyrometer for tire and rubber industry

High speed thermal imagers
- Real-time thermography
- Smallest camera in its class with USB interface
- Complex image analysis software

Non-contact IR sensors
- Temperature Range: -50°C up to +2200°C
- Fast 1ms response time
- Full instrumentation with signal processing

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