C-Frame - flexible strip thickness and profile measurement

  • Non contact laser line measurement
  • Large working gap with high precision measurement
  • Material¬† tilt compensation¬†and auto calibration
  • Independent of surface material and alloys
  • No additional operating cost during operation

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O-Frame Systems - for thickness profile measurement

  • No nuclear / radioactive waste disposal - no radiation hazard
  • Active temperature compensation (patent pending)¬†
  • Non contact traversing with high lateral resolution, tilt compensation and auto calibration
  • Independent of surface material and alloys, also able to measure "sandwich materials"
  • No additional operating cost during deployment

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ASCOspeed - non-contact length and speed measurement

  • Robust extruded aluminum profile enclosure
  • Immune to contaminate surface (oil film)
  • Ease of use due to non-hazardous LED light source
  • Powerful embedded signal processing
  • Real-time synchronized measurements for multi-channel use

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