Need for Speed
Easy, Fast & Most Precise Way to Measure RPM

NEW: turboSPEED DZ140

  • Maximum speed up to 400,000 RPM
  • Mini sensor design, as small as 3mm
  • True non-contact measurement
  • High temperature operation
  • No modification of the compressor wheel

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IR Birdseye View
Lightest & Smallest High Res. Thermal Imager

NEW: TIM LightWeight

  • Total weight 350g incl. camera
  • Super compact housing
  • Great optical resolution: 382 x 288 pixels
  • High thermal sensitivity NEDT 40mK
  • Embedded PC

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For Laser Profile Scanner

NEW: scanCONTROL Software

  • More than 100 applications
  • Applications sorted by material, measuring tasks and industry
  • Easy to use scan tool software
  • Most compact scanner LLT2900/2600
  • Real time profile and intesity image evaluation

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