High precision thickness measurement in battery production

Sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used in numerous production steps in battery manufacturing. A decisive measurement parameter here is the thickness measurement of strip material and coated battery films. High-precision distance sensors, 3D laser scanners and sensor systems are used.

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Capacitive thickness measurements for battery film

Capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon are robust and achieve submicron resolution in industrial applications. Therefore, they are often used for applications that require the highest precision and stability. Based on an innovative sensor design, accessories and powerful multi-channel controllers, they perform extremely well in precise thickness measurements of battery films.

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Mounting frame for capacitive sensors in fixed track measurements

The new mounting frame for capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon ensures highly accurate measurement results in two-sided fixed track thickness measurements. The sensors are arranged opposite each other and permanently mounted. Mounted on this frame, the sensors are perfectly aligned with each other. This ensures maximum precision, which is also required for applications in the battery industry.

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Multi-peak white light interferometer for separator film measurements

White light interferometers are the most precise optical sensors in Micro-Epsilon's product range. The interferoMETER systems are now also available as multi-peak version. They measure up to 13 layers with minimum layer thicknesses down to 10 ┬Ám, enabling simultaneous measurement of distance and thickness. These measuring systems are typically used for multi-layer thickness measurement even with fluctuating measuring distances, e.g., in separator film production.

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Optimal alignment of interferometers and confocal sensors

Mounting optical confocalDT and interferoMETER sensors is now even easier. Micro-Epsilon now offers adjustable mounting adapters, which enable fast and precise alignment of the sensors in all directions. It is also possible to readjust the sensor position afterwards. This increases measurement accuracy and significantly reduces the time required for mounting.

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Precise thickness gauges for strip and plate materials

The high-precision thicknessGAUGE measuring systems can be integrated in the production line in the form of a C-frame and now even as an O-frame. Depending on the respective purpose and application, these thickness gauges are equipped with either laser scanners, laser triangulation sensors, confocal sensors or electromagnetic combi sensors. This is how best results can be achieved with every type of application. Not only is there a choice of sensors, but even the measuring width, measuring range and working range can be adapted to suit OEM applications.

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Coating application on edges

In order to maintain tight manufacturing tolerances, laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon inspect the coating profile on the strip edge. This is how anomalies and undulations are detected. Modern interfaces allow for the scanCONTROL SMART sensors to be directly integrated into the control system.

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