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The scanCONTROL 29xx-10/BL laser profile sensor is a new product in the Micro-Epsilon range, which enables high precision measurements of very small parts. The scanner stands out due to its sharp focussed, narrow, blue laser line. This is only 10mm long but provides a profile resolution of 1280 points. Ideal for applications in precision mechanics and electronic components where absolute precision in extremely restricted spaces is required, the new profile scanner shows its strengths.

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New product: laser profile scanner with highest resolution

The new scanCONTROL 29xx-10/BL laser profile scanner shows its strengths in applications where extremely high resolution and precision are required. The 10mm laser line enables a high x resolution with 1280 points. The blue laser line used is focused significantly sharper as the light does not penetrate into the measurement object. Therefore, scanCONTROL 29xx-10/BL measures very small objects with absolute precision and has a leading position in its class.



Influence on measurement results due to temperature fluctuations

Temperature is one of the critical factors that affect measurement results. In order to eliminate the influence of temperature fluctuations, sensors from Micro-Epsilon are actively temperature-compensated. With conventional sensors, these effects are often not mentioned in the datasheet, as these sensors are not actively compensated and therefore provide insufficient measurement results in the case of temperature changes.



mainSENSOR: dual benefit

Two become one - this accurately describes the mainSENSOR developed by Micro-Epsilon. It makes use of the magnetic and inductive sensor technologies and combines the advantages of both techniques. The mainSENSOR is predestined for industrial displacement and position measurement tasks where large measuring ranges at low cost and high volumes are required.



Versatile mainSENSOR

Magneto-inductive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are versatile in terms of their installation options and are increasingly replacing inductive sensors, switches and Hall Effect sensors, particularly where these types of sensors are operating at their limits. The mainSENSOR from Micro-Epsilon provides a linear output signal and can be immersed in non-ferromagnetic objects, flush mounted or protruding without influencing the measurement accuracy.



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