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As well as organic materials, hot-glowing metals and silicon are difficult to measure in terms of displacement measurement. Micro-Epsilon therefore provides the optoNCDT 2300BL Blue Laser sensor series for mastering these types of tasks. The newsletter provides further information on this.

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Blue, fast, versatile

The highly dynamic series of optoNCDT 2300BL laser displacement sensors that use Blue Laser technology has been extended with new models. From now on, measuring ranges of 2mm, 5mm and 50mm are also available.



A piece of Sweden

Swedish company Sensotest AB is now part of the Micro-Epsilon group and will now trade under the name of Micro-Epsilon Sensotest AB. The company’s proven product range and existing contact persons will remain the same. Customers will also benefit from the additional measuring principles that are now available from the group of companies.



capaNCDT: New catalogue now online

Capacitive sensors are designed for non-contact measurement of displacement, providing stable measurement results and resolutions in the nanometre range. The new capaNCDT brochure features the whole range of capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon and provides information about their different fields of application.



Metrology in the desert

Equipped with a scanCONTROL laser scanner from Micro-Epsilon, a special vehicle inspects the inside of a pipeline for deformations and cracks. This mobile device is used in harsh environmental conditions and high ambient temperatures in the middle of the desert and is ideally suited to automatic inspection and recording of measured data.



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