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Distance plays an important role in our lives. A footballer, for example, will try to direct the ball as close as possible to the opponent's goal. However, in measurement technology, quite often the distance to the measurement object needs to be as large as possible. Micro-Epsilon offers its new optoNCDT 2300 series of high performance triangulation displacement sensors, which enable larger offset distances for the high precision measurement of different objects, e.g. red-hot glowing metals. The newsletter provides further information on this.

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New laser-optical displacement sensors

Micro-Epsilon presents four new laser sensors from its optoNCDT 2300 high-end series, which are designed for a variety of applications, from electronics production to steel processing, offering larger offset distances from 25mm to 550mm.



New diameter - new insights

Technical endoscopes are used for non-destructive material testing of non-visible components that are difficult to access. The new small diameter ELTROTEC MKF-D models also enable viewing of cavities in engine development.



Fast, faster, Bloodhound

Micro-Epsilon is one of the product sponsors for the Bloodhound SSC Project. The organisers want to set a new land speed record with a 135,000 HP rocket car. Non-contact sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used in the test cell, road tests and in engine development.



Inline measurements of zinc strip colours

Inline quality assurance for the production of zinc strips and sheets requires a high speedfast, accurate and reliable measuring system. The colorCONTROL ACS7000 spectral colour measuring system colorCONTROL ACS7000 provides decisive advantages.



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