Newsletter Archive

  • New class: Most compact confocal controller
    for industrial series applications
  • NEW: Next-generation confocal sensors
    for series integration
  • NEW: Robust laser distance sensors
    designed for outdoor use
  • NEW: Capacitive high temperature sensors
    for extreme operating temperatures from -50 °C up to +800 °C
  • High Precision True Color Controller
    for high performance color measurements
  • Infrared pyrometers and thermal imagers
    for paper industry
  • Draw-wire displacement sensors in stock
    for miscellaneous measurement tasks
  • NEW: Laser Displacement Sensors
    for Advanced Automation
  • High-precision white light interferometers
    for non-contact distance & thickness measurements
  • High precision thickness measurement in battery production
  • Capacitive thickness measurements for battery film
  • Mounting frame for capacitive sensors in fixed track measurements
  • Multi-peak white light interferometer for separator film measurements
  • Optimal alignment of interferometers and confocal sensors
  • Precise thickness gauges for strip and plate materials
  • Coating application on edges
  • Confocal chromatic measuring system
    for displacement, distance, position & thickness
  • High-precision white light interferometers
    for non-contact distance & thickness measurements
  • Extreme z resolution & small light spot
    enable measurements of smallest of details & structures
  • Compact laser triangulation sensors
    Now even more versatile
  • Efficient multiple testing of LEDs on electronic assemblies
    LED tests of function, color and intensity
  • Thermal imaging cameras monitor the initial charge in battery production
  • The new generation
    of high precision 3D measurements
  • 3D snapshot sensor
    for surface inspection of larger objects
  • 3D sensor
    for the inspection of shiny surfaces
  • New: White light interferometer for distance measurement
    with nanometer accuracy
  • New: White light interferometer for thickness measurement
    with submicron accuracy
  • New: White light interferometer for distance measurement
    with subnanometer accuracy
  • New: Innovative laser displacement sensor
    For Advanced Automation
  • New: Anti speckle laser sensor
    For reliable measurements on rough & metallic surfaces
  • New: IF2030 interface module
    For connection of Micro-Epsilon sensors to Industrial Ethernet
  • New: High-performance laser scanner
    For fast high-precision 2D/3D profile measurements
  • New: Laser scanner for industrial series applications
    Compact and low cost model
  • Software for configuration and evaluation
    Offers easy solution of multiple measurement tasks
  • New: Compact confocal chromatic sensor
    for high precision applications for tight installation space
  • New: Highest precision confocal sensor
    for distance, roughness and thickness measurements
  • New: Confocal displacement sensor
    for extremely precise applications with larger range
  • New: Capacitive measuring system
    For industrial applications
  • New: Capacitive mobile measurement
    Handheld with high precision
  • Capacitive sensor in extreme environment
    Stable measurements for cryogenic applications
  • New: Smallest draw-wire sensors
    For measurements in tight spaces
  • New: Robust & Compact controller for inductive sensors
    For industrial measurement tasks
  • New: Smallest VGA infrared camera in the world
    Miniature infrared camera with VGA resolutions
  • Visit us: Photonics West
    5 – 7 February 2019 San Francisco, USA
  • Free Download: Semiconductor Application Booklet
    Sensor applications for the semiconductor industry
  • Application office in California
    Local support for test measurements, evaluations and demonstration
  • New: Confocal chromatic sensors
    For displacement, distance, position, thickness
  • New: Anti speckle laser sensor
    For metal and rough surfaces
  • New: Capacitive sensors with threaded body
    For easy mounting and positioning
  • New: Compact True Color Sensor
    For any industrial measurement application
  • New: High-performance inductive displacement measuring system
    Industrial robust system design with eddy current technology
  • New: Universal laser sensor for industrial applications
    Powerful laser sensors sets new performance standard
  • NEW: Magneto-inductive M12 sensors
    For long ranges at high temperatures
  • NEW: Spindle Growth System
    Measuring the thermal extension in spindles
  • NEW: Compact Eddy current measurement system
    Ideal for factory and machine integration
  • NEW: Capacitive sensors with threaded housing
    For easy mounting and positioning
  • NEW: Compact single/dual channel confocal controller
    The new industry standard for confocal measurement
  • NEW: Non-contact thickness measurement
    One-sided thickness measurement of insulator materials

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