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Thermal imager monitoring of ultra-small components is now possible using a microscope lens from Micro-Epsilon. This special lens is available as an upgrade for the TIM 450 and TIM 640 high resolution thermal imaging cameras, enabling macro shooting of individual components based on a spatial resolution of up to 28µm.

Microscope lens for ultra-small targets

The product range of the new optoNCDT 1750 laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon has been extended with new measuring ranges of 500mm and 750mm. With these additional models, the laser sensor can now be applied in fast, high precision measurement tasks that require large measuring ranges. Very small objects can be detected due to the small light spot size.

Powerful laser sensors with even more flexibility

Micro-Epsilon has extended its product range of capacitive displacement and distance sensors by capacitive thread sensors. These are not intended for clamping but are screwed into a thread. This opens up numerous application possibilities, e.g. when mounting on walls or in bore holes.

Capacitive thread sensors for demanding installation scenarios

When further developing electron accelerators, high precision capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used. The Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin uses capacitive sensors with a modular capaNCDT 6220 controller for this measurement task. The capacitive measuring system provides precise measurement results under harsh ambient conditions such as e.g., temperatures in the physical low limit range.

Precise alignment of the cathodes at the electron accelerator

The compact optoNCDT 1750 laser sensor is designed for displacement and distance measurements, while offering triple the speed, improved repeatability by a factor of two, and an increase in linearity of 25% compared to its predecessor. The combination of enhanced performance and a wide range of features result in a sensor that takes a leading role in its class.

Laser triangulation sensor sets new performance standards

Micro-Epsilon offers modern sensor technologies for application solutions optimized according to customers’ specifications. Our precise 3D sensor technology measures quantities such as displacement, distance, position, color and temperature, but also implements 3D inspection of mat and shiny surfaces.

Efficient sensors for industrial high volume applications

wireSENSOR WPS-MK miniature draw-wire sensors are specially designed for high volume serial applications. Despite its very compact design, small measuring ranges up to 7500mm can be detected. The user benefits from favorable prices and compact sensor dimensions, therefore gaining new potential in design and cost optimization.

Miniature draw-wire sensors for economic serial applications

Compared to draw-wire sensors based on a conventional potentiometer, the new wireSENSOR WPS-MK88 U45R with a non-contact potentiometer achieves 8 times more working cycles, which extends the sensor’s service life to its maximum. This new technology combined with a robust plastic housing and a favorable price/performance ratio, sets new standards in terms of economic efficiency.

New draw-wire sensor with 8 times longer service life

The eddyNCDT 3060 inductive measurement system is based on eddy currents and enables fast, precise displacement measurements. More than 400 sensor models can be combined with the eddyNCDT 3060. Based on ease of use and smart signal processing, this non-contact system defines a new performance class in inductive displacement measurement.

A new performance class in inductive displacement measurements

Thanks to their robustness and low weight, fiber-reinforced composite materials are increasingly used in the aviation and automotive industries. Manual repair of such components has to date been a challenging task. A mobile milling unit now enables automatic defect detection using modern laser sensors and laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon to enable repairs within the shortest possible time.

Control of the milling head in a mobile CNC milling unit

The confocal chromatic sensor product range from Micro-Epsilon is extended with the compact IFS2406-3 sensor. It can be used in restricted spaces and provides precise measurement values with a large offset distance. This is particularly favorable for distance and thickness measurements in industrial conditions, such as e.g. those in the glass industry.

Precise distance and thickness measurement in restricted spaces

Measuring tasks in the glass industry are often a huge challenge for sensors. The new confocal chromatic confocalDT 2421 / 2422 controllers ensure reliable, high speed and high precision distance and thickness measurements on reflecting and transparent objects. The automatic exposure control allows stable measurements regardless of the glass color.

High precision multipoint thickness measurements using confocal chromatic sensors

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