Thickness measurement in strip systems

In strip systems such as longitudinal and cut-to-length slitting shears, the advantages of C-frame and O-frame shaped measurement systems of the thicknessCONTROL 820x and 920x series become particularly clear. The high lateral resolution of discrete laser lines enables both thickness measurement and width detection. Also in grinding and milling lines, these systems offer high precision measurements on highly polished surfaces.

Special features

  • Geometrical measurements without effects caused by material
  • Fully automatic calibration
  • Recognition and compensation of tilting
  • High lateral resolution enables combined thickness and width measurement
  • Detection of individual strips in longitudinal slitting shears
  • Comprehensive analysis software with numerous graphs for cross-sections, longitudinal profiles, SPC analysis and false-colour representation
  • Unlike the C-frame, the O-frame requires hardly any space beside the strip system



System type:

O-frame thicknessCONTROL MTS 8201.LLT

Installation situation:

The O-frame system is installed into the line after the mill.

Thickness measurement system as an O-frame with laser line sensors

The MTS 8201.LLT is equipped with laser triangulation scanners which means measurements are unaffected by the surface properties of the target material. Scaling or mirror effects of the metal surface are therefore absorbed. Furthermore, compared to point sensors, the system offers higher accuracy and a larger mouth width. The O-frame shaped mechanical system provides a temperature-compensated frame that compensates for any thermal changes of the measurement frame using additional sensor technology. The measurement line is arranged vertically to the material flow, enabling the system to cope with any lateral strip tilting.

Special features:

  •     Linearity of ±5 µm with measuring range of 40mm
  •     Mouth width 300mm
  •     Measuring rate up to 2kHz

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