Cold rolling mills

O-frame and C-frame thicknessCONTROL MTS 820x and MTS 920x systems contribute to improved efficiency and higher quality production in cold rolling mills. The sensors are equipped with discrete laser line technology accompanied by protective measures such as protection against dirty lenses or the effects of changes in temperature on measurements, making the systems suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Special features:

  • Material-independent measurements
  • Alloy-dependent calibration is not necessary
  • High raw data acquisition (up to 256,000 data points per second) enables high performance signal processing
  • Measurement of geometrical parameters and surface structures (inner and total thickness of checkered plate)
  • Cost-effective service-lifecycle-management
  • Intuitive HMI Software with gesture control on a multi-touch screen



System type:

C-frame thicknessCONTROL MTS 8202.LLT

Installation situation:

One C-frame is integrated vertically on a linear axis before and after the stand. The sensor lenses are protected against dirt by using pneumatic devices.

Thickness measurement system as a C-frame with laser line sensors

The MTS 8202.LLT is equipped with laser triangulation scanners which means measurements are independent of the surface properties of the target material. Scaling or mirror effects of the metal surface are therefore absorbed. Furthermore, compared to point sensors, the system offers higher accuracy and a larger mouth width. Automatic inline calibration ensures that measurements are unaffected by temperature changes. The measurement line is arranged vertically to the material flow, enabling the system to cope with lateral strip tilting.

Special features:

  •     Linearity of ±5 µm with measuring range of 40mm
  •     Mouth width 300mm
  •     Immersion depth 50mm to 800mm
  •     Special sizes on request
  •     Measuring rate up to 2kHz

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