Accessories for confocal sensors

Adjustable mounting adapter

The adjustable mounting adapter is used to optimally align confocalDT sensors to the target. You can also align the sensor after the installation in the machine. The industrial adapter allows the displacement in the x- and y-axes as well as tilting the sensor to the measuring object.


  • For sensors with a diameter of 27 mm
  • Additional adapter for sensors with a smaller diameter
  • Displacement in X/Y: ±2 mm
  • Tilt angle: ±4°
  • Remains stable even with vibrations

Sensor mounting adapter

For mounting the confocal sensors, different mounting adapters are available, which are adapted to the respective sensor diameter. 


  • MA2402 for sensors with a diameter of 4 mm
  • MA2403 for sensors with a diameter of 8 mm
  • MA2404-12 for sensors with diameter 12 mm
  • MA2400 for sensors with a diameter of 20 / 27 / 34 / 40 / 54 / 62 mm

Cable types & protective hoses

You can order confocal sensors with different cable lengths and cable types. 

Examples of possible variants

  • Optical fiber, length up to max. 50 m
  • Optical fibers for drag chains up to max. 10 m
  • Protective hose for increased mechanical load, length up to max. 50 m

Components for use in vacuum

Special sensors of the IFS series are designed for use in vacuum. In addition to the sensors, vacuum-compatible accessories are available:

  • Optical fiber with vacuum-compatible protective hose, length up to max. 50 m
  • Vacuum feedthrough with optical fiber
  • Vacuum feedthrough on both sides FC/APC socket, 1-channel and 6-channel version

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