Optical inline micrometer

Laser micrometer for large measurement distances
optoCONTROL 1220
Laser micrometer for large measurement distances

The inline micrometer optoCONTROL ODC 1220 is designed for measuring edges, diameters and gaps of up to 2,000mm. A high precision lens is used to project uniformly-collimated light onto a receiver unit. When the light beam is interrupted by an edge or a gap (diameter), the shadow edges are projected onto a CCD receiver. The 28mm measuring range and a new, complex sub-pixeling method help to achieve an average resolution of 2 micrometers. The typical temperature range in factories enables a stable repeatability of avg. ±4 micrometers.

  • Red laser line, 35mm light curtain
  • Working distance of up to 2,000mm
  • Integrated interference filter
  • CCD line detector with 2,048 pixels, 16,384 sub-pixels
  • Windows® user interface
  • 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs
  • Switching state display with 4 bicolor
  • Robust aluminum housing suitable for industrial use
  • Optics cover made from scratch-resistant glass
  • Optional mounting rail, up to 400mm

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