Inspection system for shiny surfaces

In many areas, ever-increasing requirements are being placed on the quality and appearance of surfaces. Particularly with shiny and reflecting surfaces, faultless, high quality production is expected. The parts are often subjected to manual inspection, which can lead to defects being missed due to tiredness of the inspectors.

reflectCONTROL is designed specifically to meet the high quality requirements that ensure high quality for shiny surfaces. The system based on deflectometry projects a striped pattern onto the measurement object. Defects on the surface cause deviations from the striped pattern which are recorded by cameras and evaluated by software.

  • Inspection of reflecting and shiny surfaces
  • Detection of smallest defects and deviations
  • Constant and reproducible detection rate

The compact deflectometry sensor is guided over the measurement object by a robot. The sensor enables the inspection of objects whose geometry requires several measuring positions. The defects found are evaluated and displayed in the 3D model.


  • Fast and high resolution measurement on large surfaces up to 210 x 86mm
  • Ideal for high-gloss parts with complex geometries, e.g. car attachments
  • Comprehensive software
  • Customer-specific modifications on request

Scope of supply

  • Complete system incl. robot, sensor & evaluation unit, housing
  • Software package for the adjustment and evaluation of measurements
reflectCONTROL Automation: complete system incl. robot, sensor, evaluation unit and industrial-grade housing
reflectCONTROL Automation: complete system incl. robot, sensor, evaluation unit and industrial-grade housing

A perfectly painted surface is every car's staple feature, and thus represents a very emotional measure of quality for the customer. To optimize this surface, two to four robot-assisted systems (depending on the cycle time) of the reflectCONTROL PSS 8005.D type allow objective in-line inspection of each car body. The defects are measured laterally and in depth, and classified on the basis of catalogs and optionally marked by the automationControl 8005 PSS 8005.MQ system using ATENSOR-LS1 technology*. This way, follow-up work and process improvements can be performed precisely as required and easily.


  • Objective 100% inspection of all the vehicles manufactured
  • Employees can concentrate on remedying critical defects and not on identifying them
  • Detection of defects immediately after the painting booth, when they can still be easily reworked
  • Cutting costs by reducing defects
  • Reducing the number of rework lines

Material parameters:

  • Defect sizes of from 10 µm, lateral
  • Local 3D-reconstruction allows the automation of follow-up work
  • Detection rate that is practically independent of color
  • Not dependent on the robot type
*ATENSOR LS1 technology = robotic process automation for products with a high number of versions, which makes manual robot programming impossible. With the ATENSOR-LS1 (LS1 = lot size 1), robot programmes are dynamically generated on the basis of measurements. The programmes are then loaded and run in the robot memory.

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