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The scanCONTROL 29xx-10/BL laser profile sensor is a new product in the Micro-Epsilon range, which enables high precision measurements of very small parts. The scanner stands out due to its sharp focussed, narrow, blue laser line. This is only 10mm long but provides a profile resolution of 1280 points. Ideal for applications in precision mechanics and electronic components where absolute precision in extremely restricted spaces is required, the new profile scanner shows its strengths.


The Micro-Epsilon headquarters have been in Bavaria for 40 years now. Along with the anniversary of the company site in Ortenburg and the inauguration of the new company building, there is another cause for rejoicing. As "BAYERNS BEST 50" prizewinner 2016, Micro-Epsilon is now ranked as one of the best companies in Bavaria. This award has been handed over by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs for continuous growth and motivates us to further develop innovative products. One example is the new thicknessSENSOR, which offers versatile application possibilities when it comes to non-contact thickness measurements.


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