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Developing customer-specific sensor technology requires close, efficient cooperation and widespread knowledge and expertise. For decades now, Micro-Epsilon has established itself as a specialist partner for customer-specific solutions, which account for around two thirds of its daily operations. In IS machines for the production of glass bottles, for example, Glasproduktions-Service GmbH relies on the inductive EDS long-stroke sensor from Micro-Epsilon. This sensor is specially developed for glass production purposes in harsh ambient conditions and stands out due to its reliability and accuracy.

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Quality monitoring in container glass production

In glass bottle production based on the press and blow method, the weight of the glass drop is a crucial factor in ensuring a smooth production process. Harsh ambient conditions, particularly strong vibrations, present a huge challenge for the measurement technology involved. Therefore, Micro-Epsilon has developed a special EDS long-stroke sensor in cooperation with the German IS machine builder GPS.



State-of-the-art: fully-radiometric flight thermography

The new, compact thermoIMAGER TIM Lightweight enables state-of-the-art temperature monitoring from the air. A high resolution infrared camera and a miniature PC with a combined weight of just 380 grams, offers the latest infrared measurement technology in extremely compact dimensions, which is specifically designed for flight applications such as the monitoring of photovoltaic systems.



New C-Box/2A: conversion and evaluation of digital sensor signals

An even larger field of applications is now opened up for the optoNCDT 2300 high performance laser sensor. The new C-Box/2A interface converter now enables fast D/A conversion of two optoNCDT 2300 laser sensor signals. Furthermore, individual measurement values can be calculated synchronously in order to directly output parameters such as thickness, diameter or tilt angle.



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