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To date, color measurement of liquid paint has been a lengthy, time-consuming process. A new system solution from Micro-Epsilon involving the colorCONTROL ACS7000 inline color measurement system and the optoNCDT 1420-50 laser triangulation sensor, enables real-time, high precision color determination directly from the manufacturer.

Non-contact color measurement of liquid paint

The new LabVIEW 3.0 instrument driver is now available for the scanCONTROL series of laser scanners. It’s the link between sensor and programming environment that enables direct sensor integration for further data processing. Optimization and additional features of the new driver provide ease of use and new functions. The instrument driver is offered as 32 and 64 bit versions for download.

New LabVIEW instrument driver 3.0 for scanCONTROL sensors

The thicknessSENSOR for universal thickness measurement of strip and plate material is now well established. The new, extended measuring ranges up to 25mm with measuring widths up to 400mm provide this smart system with even more flexibility.

Universal thickness measurement with additional measuring ranges

Combining an eddy current sensor and a capacitive displacement sensor in one housing, the unique concept of the new combiSENSOR from Micro-Epsilon enables high precision thickness measurements of plastics.

Precise thickness measurement in the plastics industry

The compact optoNCDT 1750 laser sensor designed for displacement and distance measurements offers new features combined with robustness and reliability. Based on an innovative web interface, the new laser sensor stands out due to its ease of use and intuitive commissioning using presets for different surface types and colors.

New laser sensor with innovative features

The compact scanCONTROL 2910-10/BL laser scanner reliably detects burrs on sheet edges directly in the processing line. In contrast to fixed solutions that enable a random test, Micro-Epsilon offers an inline solution that provides the required precision with its high point resolution in order to recognize burrs reliably.

Reliable detection of burrs on sheet edges

The latest models in the magneto-inductive range of displacement sensors stand out due to their robust design combined with state-of-the-art sensor technology. Furthermore, the new models offer other advantages due to their extremely compact design along with a favorable price/performance ratio for high volume applications.

New magneto-inductive displacement sensors

With the capaNCDT DTV, Micro-Epsilon has developed a thickness measurement system for brake discs that is used for the detection of Disc Thickness Variation. Extremely robust, capacitive multi-channel sensors and controllers with a comprehensive software package, as well as a carry case for mobile use, cater for various measurement tasks.

Thickness measurement of brake discs for test benches and road tests

The confocal chromatic confocalDT 2422 dual-channel system enables reliable and precise thickness measurement of container glass in each color. The measurements are performed with highest precision and in harsh ambient conditions that are partly due to glass dust and powder. The measurement system operates with high speed and provides the measurement values in real time via EtherCAT.

One-sided thickness measurement of container glass

Combining speed and a large temperature measuring range, the new thermoIMAGER TIM G7 is an industrial thermal imaging camera specially designed for applications in the glass industry. The spectral range of 7.9µm enables reliable measurements even on thin glass sheets without unwanted transmission loss. The new VGA model offers a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

New: thermoIMAGER TIM with VGA resolution

The optoNCDT 1420 is by now also available with a measuring range of 500mm. It is therefore the smallest laser sensor in the market that offers such a large measuring range combined with high measurement accuracy. This smart laser sensor is suitable for logistics, warehouse automation and robotics.

One of a kind: compact laser sensor with 500mm measuring range

Instead of a red laser line, the Blue Laser diode generates a blue-violet laser beam with a wavelength of 405nm. The sharper focus enables a sharper projection of the laser beam and therefore increased accuracy. In numerous measurement tasks, the technology patented by Micro-Epsilon offers decisive advantages compared to red-diode laser sensors.

Innovative Blue Laser Technology with Patent

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