Micro-Epsilon news

scanCONTROL laser profile sensors prevent machine damage in paper production. The sensors are used to inspect the paper web which needs to be smoothed and carried through the calender precisely in a single line.

Exact web-edge detection in paper production

The new scanCONTROL 3D-View software enables fast, three-dimensional visualization of point cloud data that has been precisely measured with scanCONTROL profile sensors. The software offers the user numerous new features, optimized performance and improved ease of use.

New software: scanCONTROL 3D-View 3.0

The capaNCDT 6112 capacitive measurement systems are designed for dynamic displacement, distance and position measurement. As well as a high bandwidth of up to 20kHz, these controllers stand out due to their compact design and high performance combined with a favorable price/performance ratio. The controller and the sensors can be adapted to suit customer-specific applications.

Capacitive capaNCDT 6112 measurement system: compact and dynamic

The confocalDT 2421 and 2422 controllers open up new possibilities in precision distance and thickness measurement on different surfaces. The two-channel variant is an innovation whereby two confocal sensors are connected to a controller. Particularly suitable for high volume applications, the new system offers a favorable price/performance ratio combined with high precision.

New: Confocal dual-channel system for precision thickness measurement

The optoNCDT 1420 laser triangulation sensors are now also available with laser class 1. With this laser class, the radiated power is at a maximum of 390µW, which is far lower than the radiated power of laser class 2 sensors. Therefore, costly protective measures are no longer necessary.

optoNCDT 1420 now also available with laser class 1

Continuous quality control of press tools used in the production of pharmaceutical tablets is imperative. Micro-Epsilon measurement technology enables for the first time easy, automatic inspection that has to date only been possible at great expense due to the challenging surface properties of the tools. In this measurement task, a confocal sensor and an optical micrometer are used.

Inspection of press tools for tablet production

Micro-Epsilon looks back at a successful history paved with technical innovations and continuous growth. The headquarters have been in Ortenburg in Lower Bavaria for 40 years now. The family-run, medium-sized company has grown from a three-man company to a global operating business group with more than 900 employees worldwide.

40 years of high precision measurement technology in Bavaria

The new optoNCDT 1320 and 1420 laser triangulation sensors from Micro-Epsilon are now even more versatile due to extended measuring ranges. They are now also available with new measuring ranges of 100 and even 200mm and extend therefore their application possibilities.

Extended measuring ranges create more application possibilities for new laser sensors

High precision, compactness and ease of use - the new thicknessSENSOR enables non-contact, wear-free thickness measurements. The measurement system is easy to integrate and provides high precision results together with an unmatched price/performance ratio.

Non-contact thickness measurement

Displacement, distance and position can be determined up to four times faster with the new capaNCDT 6222 capacitive controller. The controller is designed for measurements up to 20kHz and is therefore considered the fastest capacitive controller currently available in the Micro-Epsilon range. The module multi-channel measurement system demonstrates its strengths particularly with high precision applications in laboratories and the industries.

capaNCDT 6222 fastest capacitive controller

Confocal chromatic sensors measure precise distance and thickness. With the confocalDT 2471 HS high speed controller, Micro-Epsilon presents a world first. Operating with a measuring rate of 70kHz, the new model is the worldwide fastest controller with integrated light source used for the highly reflective and shiny surfaces. The controller demonstrates its strengths particularly with fast measurement and monitoring tasks, e.g. in the glass production and electronics assembly.

Unique measurement technology: confocalDT 2471 HS accelerates