Household appliances

Even household appliances require the use of displacement measurement technology. In this context, sensors are frequently used for increasing the ease of use with respect to the efficiency. Displacement and temperature measurement optimizes various processes for the optimization of the efficiency of various appliances. A well-known example is the load detection of washing machines which the metering of the detergent is based on.

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Color detection of kitchen fronts

Kitchens are available in many different colors. In order to guarantee that the customer receives the desired color, the colorSENSOR OT-3-MA-30-16 inspects the color of the kitchen fronts in the painting ...

Displacement sensor for washing machines

When the washing machine is loaded, the displacement sensor DRA measures how much the outer drum drops. It also measures the drum’s deflection during spin-drying. Due to the inductive measurement principle, ...

Washing machine displacement

Using an inductive displacement sensor, the displacement of the suds container during filling and the spinning stage can be calculated. The correct quantity of detergent can be calculated with the data ...

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