Electrical engineering, electronics, semiconductors

Quality or function monitoring of the individual components plays a leading role for electrical engineering. This concept is particularly the case for inspection during the manufacture of semiconductors. Components are tested for function and quality for different processes. As well as displacement sensors, image processing or temperature sensors can also be used for this. Maintenance of a particularly high quality of the individual dies is of essential importance for the semiconductor industry. Even the slightest contamination or damage can cause enormous costs in the running process.

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Diameter - radial/axial runout - measurement at disk motors

The production of disk motors has to meet the highest mechanical accuracy requirements. In order to ensure perfect functioning of the disk drives the drive units are measured and evaluated with respect ...

Monitoring the commutator in electric motors

The “eddyNCDT” system offers many advantages for the non-contact monitoring of the mechanical condition of the commutator in electric D.C. motors or generators. The system uses the eddy-current measuring ...

Co-planarity of IC-pins

The term „co-planarity“ discribes the proper seating of the tips of fine-pitch device leads on the copper pads on a PCB prior to solder process. The coplanarity is a critical dimension for the quality ...

Thickness measurement system for partially transparent insulation panels

In the manufacturing of plastic panels, thickness profile measurements must be carried out due to the necessary quality assurance. For this purpose two laseroptical displacement sensors are mounted on ...

Vibration measurement on carbon brushes

Many direct current electric motors operate with carbon brushes for the current transmission. optoNCDT laser sensors are used to monitor the vibration during operation. They measure the carbon brushes ...

Liquid level measurement during capacitor production

The capacitors must be dipped into a bath of solvent during the capacitor production. In doing so, it is important that the blanks only have a specified immersion depth. Confocal chromatic sensors are ...

Soldering systems - temperature measurement

Metal teeth for saw blades are soldered in soldering machines. In doing so, a fast IR temperature measurement provides exact regulation and prevents mechanical stresses in the saw blade and the danger ...

Thickness measurement of dies

When optical data carriers are produced, the data are initially transferred to a master. Depending on the number of copies, different dies made of nickel are produced from the master by galvanization. ...

Non-contact measurement of relay contact movement

Even the layman can detect wether a relay is energized or not. The question how on the other hand, is difficult to answer even for the expert. What he needs to know is the timing of certain specific parameters ...

Measuring the solder-wave height on wave soldering machines

The height of the solder wave is an important criterion to get highest quality results during soldering PCB’s on wave soldering machines. There are two options to measure the height of the solder wave.

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